Why Aim for Financial Freedom?
Is Work Out Life’s Purpose?
What Would I Do if I No Longer Had to Work?
What Could an Ideal Life Look Life?
How Do You Achieve Financial Freedom?
The Path to Financial Freedom
Reduce Your Cost of Living
At What Point Can I Say I’m Financially Free?
Why Work if You No Longer Have To?

The Interviews
Melanie Collects Apartments
Trilingual Freedom with Two Kids
Monika Has Been Financially Free for Four Years
Christian – Rich with Real Estate
Lars and His New-Found Passions
Alex – Free with Dividends
Brandon – Newly Retired at 34
Dagmar and Norbert – It’s Cheaper to Live in Other Countries
Jakob – A Lot Is Possible Without Kids

Striving for Financial Freedom
Finanzglück – with Real Estate and Stocks to the Happiness of Financial Freedom
Mr. RIP from Switzerland
With Dividends to Financial Freedom
Living a Life of Luxury below the Poverty Line
Marco – The Minimalist
A Mother on the Path to Financial Freedom